Fees Rates & Contact Details!

Words from the Numerologist

Email Id – prasantnair1@gmail.com


UPDATE – As per latest rules –

Mimimum charges – Rs 6000
Maximum charges – Rs 6 lac[ films related ]

Welcome to the my world of mathematical Numerology. Myself -Prasant Nair – a person with destiny number 33 in wait to find remedies for your matters.

Numerology is something which everybody must learn. But remember, numerology is not occult/mystic science, it is more of maths. We are providing the correct version of number science knowledge as well as consultation. It is highly easy to learn it,  to use it in your daily life. I will write down the basics as well as special points about mathematical science related with dates. And you can also consult me for specific solutions. The field is not restricted, it covers your media, sports, cricket, film, bollywood, fashion modelling industry- everything and anything.

Remember, whenever you feel the need the for the ‘MINE’, contact me via mail. I provide consultation and solution, on regular basis via mail [on payment of fees in advance] .For that you can contact me – prasantnair1@gmail.com .

Consultations provided by our numerologist/mathematician-


Name Change Matters
-name change for common man
-name change for celebrities [sports person, cricketer, actor/actress, models]

Tv Matters
-good dates for airing your serial/show
-title editing to make it lucky

Sports Matters
-good dates hosting new series
-suggestions for team management

Students Matters
-better exam results
-special study dates

Auspicious Dates
-to try and get modelling assignments
-to try and get job

Business Suggestions
-Business name analysis
-share trading advice package
-Daily intraday tips
Health related Cures –
-Impotency / childlessness cure
-Hair loss cure
Love and marriage
– lover compatibility
-interest in sex
-marriage year
-date for marriage
Contact the expert numerologist– prasantnair1@gmail.com

Bank details, fees to be send here-

Prasant Nair

Indian Bank, Bistupur branch

A/C – 6155226337

IFSC – IDIB000J006


15 thoughts on “Fees Rates & Contact Details!

  1. Wow.. This is an amazing website…In fact after reading your predictions it gives us a feeling of faith in you…

    I have noted down the account details from above, as given by prasant sir. But your team has not even mentioned a contact no. yaar.. If I want to talk with your team and take your personal consultation, how to contact you guys on phone directly?

    I request you guys to make this a real website instead of a blog. you guys just rock!

    I want to ask Whats your mobile number Prasant sir? What are the timings to call you?

    Pls reply asap..

  2. Really,Love your analysis in numbers(matix,name,etc) !! Outstanding work !!!
    I see your page everyday and learning from you about numerology !!!
    My name comes under 24 wid birth date 26/8 with life number 36/9 … which matrix cums under 62… under 8th month where 5 plays major role…..
    My 1 question is do 24 as name number helps with person with 26-08-1991 suitable for person,whos trying out as an actor !!
    Awaiting or your valuable reply !! Thank you….

  3. lets take my own example..

    m an mba in mumbai and my official and registered name is anushka shah and some numerologist told me that it totals to 37 and its lucky in all cases. stiill i have not got a job since 3 years.. m nervous now…even though i have done mba from a reputed institute.

    my friend she topped the institute last year with 96% but still and she got her name changed too but still no job…her new name is now Shrreya ruparreliaa

    also my delhi cousin he is now 27 years and hes still struggling with a pay of just 2 lacs per year
    we all are mbas and he also got his name changed to nishit mehtta

    kuch samaj nai raha….

  4. Sir, there are p n t in your name also. How it is affecting me then??? Why I should choose 77 and 43?? Any reason?? Because I am number 6 person and my life path is 11 (1+1=2). Anyhow thanks for your suggestion. I have told my many friends to check your blog :-).

  5. sir,my name is koganti . kowshik arun kumar , i’am studing b.tech ,i met with 5 accidents in last 2 years,my bike no is AP13 AD 3231 ,BLACK BIKE,,and my date of birth is
    july 09,1994,people call me “kowshik”,mom calls me “chinna”
    every thing i want ,it is getting but ,no longer with me,plzzzzzzz help me with your numaralogy sir

  6. Hi My date of birth is 06/01/1963. The day no is 6 and life no -8.Which name is the best
    1-Vikaas Kapur-33
    2-Vikaas Kapoor-41
    3-Vikaas Kaapoor-42

    Please let me know.Thanks

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