‘Half Wicked’ Pairs

My mother often say to me ‘you are half naughty as your father. His birth date is 8, and mine 4. Thats why!

And this thing seems to have permeated deep into my mind within passage of time. Almost subconsciously, my methods began to trace this half number effect, use it in the methods.

And again, I began to explore her statement with her first example. When I calculated my father’s destiny number…it came 26. And my birth date 13 [exactly half].

And for many months, I have been using this 13-26 winning hint in various predictions on my own. So, that concept had already been working [without intentionally using it].

Besides 13-26, there are few more exactly half pairs and semi- half pairs-

26 – 13

30 – 15

32 – 16

11 – 55

31 – 35

21 – 25

So, she was all the time helping, unawares!

These pairs are special – presence of one indicates that the other will come soon. One attracts the other. It clearly shows up in cricket scores too.



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