Impotency / Childlessness Cure

women's health and child birth

There is no such thing -so called Impotency !

The prime cause of sexual disfunctions is generally a name number in 5 series.With a slight name change,you can have a healthy baby without any doctor’s medication.

‘I will’ analyse your name and its components and ‘try’ to remove its defects so that at least ‘your’ name number doesnt prevent you from having a child.

My ‘Cure method’ is based solely on numerology,you ‘will’ have to ‘pay $ 60 or Rs 3,300 now’.It might be that there are few strength planets which you might be not using in your name.

With few spelling changes ‘I will try’ and make the sound vibrations of your name corrected to suit ‘your’ body,within months you will be experiencing perfect hard erections,immense healthy sperm count increase,full ejaculations.

In woman,my ‘cure method’ will rejuvenate their entire reproductive system,regularize periods and egg production and ensure that you no longer have any child conception problems .

‘I’ tell you,Women’s health is important in each and every family.Newly married couples ‘try’ modern day contraceptive methods or pills which sometimes lead to abortions,miscarriages etc.The reason behind all such problems can be traced back to ‘your’ name with the well known ‘Cure method’.

‘Now’,With a good name,there are high chances that you can conceive a child with your husband,deliver the baby easily and a enjoy blissful family life.’I will try’ and do it for you,’i will….’ ,just ‘pay’ me the charges…..

‘You’ will have a child -there are high chances……’now’.See ‘Contact me’ page…..waiting….

How can we cure childlessness / impotence and other adult health problems ? Read ahead the explaination of the secret ‘Cure method’..

Numerological Reason Behind Childlessness And Impotency

Name Number 15 And Childlessness !


8 thoughts on “Impotency / Childlessness Cure

  1. Sir agar impotency cure karny k liye koi shakas
    Name no. 33 rakhta hai aur oss k birth chart main Jupiter aur venus weak ya melafic houn tu b impotency cute ho jay gi?
    Aur life main problems tu nhi aeen gi

    • impotency naam ka koi cheez nahi hota….mann ka bhram hai… bas ek chata sa secret factor solve ho jane se sab problem cure ho jata hai…. [ numerology k bina hi …]….

      • Likin sir g agar sex power ko barhany k liye (aur childrens k liye)33 name number rakh liya jay tu kia birth chart main jupiter aur venus ka powerfull aur benific hona lazmi hai..
        I mean agar ye star powerfull nhi hoty tu kia main problems aaeen gi

      • venus /jupiter kharaab rahne se me sex power mey farq nahi padta….. malefic ho to sex power 10 times jyada rehta hai… log rapists ban jate hai…… haan child bhagwan ka blessing hai..vo sex power se related nahi hota…..

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