Welcome to IPL 13 ….here you will find the terms and conditions,charges/fee for getting the match predictions tips of IPL 6. Read it carefully and interested persons can Send the fee to us today or within a week.Get your tickets now !

Learn Prasant numerology match prediction methods and predict ipl 6 yourself with highest accuracy !”

‘IPL 6′  is a knowledge based help and not exactly tips for betting.

FEE is NOW Rs 4,000 per match……till 19th.And RS 10,000 / playoff match.. if prediction fails…no fee for that match….it will be carried forward for next correct prediction…

– We will never be responsible for less profit or loss. [No legal case will be entertained because loss is not possible in modern day betting ! ]

– If anybody Send the fee and uses our package for betting,always place equal amounts for each match. Never vary the amount,then you will     gain profit only.

[ logic – There are 76 matches ..divide it in two parts – 38…  38. When you place equal amount on each match ,say rs 10,000. In case only 50 percent predictions turned correct..you will gain clean rs 380,000 and might risk rs 380,000.So,you will incur zero net loss !

– We will return the Send fee in case our correct predictions percentage fall below 50 percent.

– Registration begins today and ends within a week. Provide us your genuine email id.No mobile consultation.

Ok, Send the fee payable to me –

Prasant Nair

SBI   mango – dimna chowk branch

A/c – 31047675072


909 thoughts on “IPL 6

  1. k sir…..i will deposit u money..but not fully..sume times 10 tan after 2 days again 30..i deposit hole amount in ur a.c….if u say….

    • Since past few months,you guys have been enjoying demos only…. the recent sa vs pak predictions were highy accurate…. dont say you didnt earn income there…. how many more demos would satisfy you ?

  2. sirrr..i also request from u tat,plzzz post starting match predictions..tats we all earn gud,tan we all deposit…in 76 matches if we earn in 10 matches tan we will whear go…so plzzz post starting match,tan u block ur side,only tos deposit money they only see d predictions…its right naa sir..

  3. April 3 is good for Kolkata Knight Riders, but not for their Captain. On the other hand, April 3 is not positive for Delhi Daredevils, but the day is quite positive for the Captain. Therefore, Delhi Daredevils seems to be winning this day. As per my Calculations, Delhi Daredevils should win. Rest is the God’s will.

  4. hello sir i have read all these post and i m ready deposit your fees but as you know demo is most important for trust so pls tell the prediction of starting match of ipl….pls

      • Sir remember that demos are most important for trust bacause I cant waist my money on any strange person….so pls do me a favour…I m not enjoying or joking…Its a matter of money and it is not easy to make money….Pls reply me soon

  5. If you want …. i will give you free predictions without any charge here only… i might be able to help u guys making some money… its god gift without any charge.. so why i may charge.. 1st match predication????? KKR will be the winner….. may god bless you alll !!!!!

      • How i do it???? Its god grace to me…. i don’t ask for money … people who earns they send me themselves… i am not hungry for money … but only for love.. just one thing i want from all of you who follows me… just believe in god and at least go to temple once a day… if not more…. now main point … for match 2 … it will be Mumbai Indians who will come winners.. may god bless you all … jai sairam

      • Using /commenting on this forum is not free….i hope you are aware of that….. it is rs 6000 for one month ….unlimited comments /suggestions…. you have become the member since 2 days i think….

      • Bro commenting is free anywhere .. why are you jealous..??? Neways … this guy is fake… prasant needs money .. no matter if ppls suffer from money loss … now nowards i will be posting team names only here which will be wining…. plz dont pay money to fakest person i.e. prasant nair.. bye god bless

      • hello,this place is not your father’s property you forgot ! Which bastard suffered loss yesterday ? N dont fool people….these days betting sites have 2 options…no way can you loose money…it is low or high profit only…

    • app ko kaisa malum hey?prasant ko tho numerology mamlum hey kya app hamko bakra samaj rahey hey kya…jo bolna hey tho sch bolo nahi tho sarey logo ka paisa barbadh ho jayengey

    • jai shree ram bro……………..how can i contact you ……….if you dont mind can i have your email or any other contact.

  6. what an idea sirji……….gimme prediction for 10 first matches , i have a plan , i have a group of 18 people who will be in need of this kinnda prediction, so i’
    ll give u buisness..

  7. @ god’s angel ; todays prediction was right what do u have to say about the rest 75 matches i will be glad to know

    • masters dont challenge child like you…. if you really know numerology,you can carry on with predictions ,otherwise dont misguide users [yesterday..shashank tried to misguide people]……

      And dont forget to submit forum usage fee…rs 6000…

  8. Hello sir I have visit your site and comment and I impressed but your fees is so much for me…So I have plan that I give you 1000 Rs per match if you agree and pls help me bacuase I am in big trouble…

    • first,pay us yesterday fee rs 1000….. you will be required to pay us rs 1000 each time when our prediction turn correct… n nobody incurrs loss…so never fool us that you suffered loss because of our incorrect predictions…

      • Excuse me Sir I have surf your site for today only so why should I pay your yesterday fees and I can give your today fees and tell how I have to pay the fees…wht is the accuracy of your prediction…

      • It has become the habbit of every user to lie that he has visited site today only n have not used previous predictions….. Your IP was visible yesterday also…. n other user’s IP too….

      • you are right but you did’t tell your prediction to me yesterday and I have surf your site only yesterday with name Anurag then why I have to pay your yesterday fees…but alright stop that discussion now tell me your today’s prediction I will give your money….But pls give right prediction bcoz I dont want to loose money anymore…

      • visiting the page n reading the comment is synonym to using our predictions…. those readers automatically count as users and they are liable to pay that day’s fee…. using multiple names would be counted as 2 users… so,you will have to pay rs 2000 ….for yesterday..this rule applies to everyone…

      • Sir ji frst tym dekh raha hu ..aisi bhi koi site h kya jo match ka correct result bataye ?? mujhe btao aaj ke match ke baar me nd trust me jitna m earn kruga uska half aapke account me deposit karwa dunga ..its my promise to you.. Paise lagane ka risk mera or match se phle result btane ka risk apka ..so trust me once kitno pe kiya hoga aapne to bt kuch nhi mila mere pe karo if paisa earn karna h..baaki as yur wish ..i can’t force you ..m to aaj fifty thousand laga raha hu Rcb ke i dnt knw kon jitega bt mere sixth sense bol rahe hai mujhe ki Rcb jitega dats why..

  9. we give consultation on matches….. nobody should expect excess….. our fee is not in return for making profit for you….. we tell what we feel about that day’s match…

    • sir to which account should have to pay… can you send details…. ‘m able to pay per match 1000 so…. As you know my email can you send details…

      • Ok,you can send the payment payable to me –

        Prasant Nair


        mango – dimna chowk branch

        A/c – 31047675072



        Prasant numerology

  10. i was see ur update right now,m sory for tat,ki i didnt deposit money in ur a,c…tomarow in morning i will deposit in ur a.c.plzzz tell me today 2nd ipl..so we deposit tmrow..its my commitment…

  11. i just search from google and came to know about you thats why i just to see how ur prediction success thats why i demand it

  12. Atleast 2-3 match demo remaining is upto you ,I just go through your conditions and i feel ok with this but i want to confirm first

  13. how 2 send u ur fees tell or any other contact send me or any other alternate sending u i frm pakistan karachi
    urgent prediction needed ur feez is in my pocket first i will deposit u ur fees then give me ur prdiction

  14. how to update ur mails nd please tell me the easiest way how 2 send u ur fees nd how i can recive ur prsdiction please it will be a honour thankzzz

  15. @ god’s angel your prediction was wrong yesterday . but it was a very close match . what about todays match

  16. hello sir give me your a/c no…I will deposit 1000 Rs for today’s match…..pls send me as soon as possible….

    • Ok,you can send the payment payable to me –

      Prasant Nair


      mango – dimna chowk branch

      A/c – 31047675072



      Prasant numerology


    • Our effort is always honest…only God knows how accurate we will be… We carry forward the fee ,if prediction goes wrong ,to next correct prediction…

      our fee is consultation based,not betting based…we provide match tips as a help….

  17. SH vs PWI

    Today’s matrix-


    vital numbers – 01,55,56 now 56 has the 11 effect….. sunrisers hyderabad adds to 55… or 1 55 is the exact matrix number…further,number 1 has the best control over 11…..also…. d d in hyderabad has 44 effect which can work well with 55 and 11.

    PWI… adds to 60…but,i didnt find any matching components…. thats my logic….lets see….what happens…

  18. Sir
    ur prediction spot on.
    Please send the winner of todays match to my mail . I will definitely credit to ur account if i win.

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