Welcome to IPL 13 ….here you will find the terms and conditions,charges/fee for getting the match predictions tips of IPL 8. Read it carefully and interested persons can Send the fee to us today or within a week. Get your tickets to IPL now !

Learn Prasant numerology match prediction methods and predict ipl 8 yourself with highest accuracy !”

‘IPL 8’  is a knowledge based help and not exactly tips for betting.

  • FEE is NOW Rs 4,000 per match……And RS 10,000 / playoff match.. if prediction fails…no fee for that match….it will be carried forward for next correct prediction…
  • We will never be responsible for less profit or loss. [No legal case will be entertained because loss is not possible in modern day betting ! ]

  • If anybody Send the fee and uses our package for betting,always place equal amounts for each match. Never vary the amount,then you will     gain profit only.

[ logic – There are 76 matches ..divide it in two parts – 38…  38. When you place equal amount on each match ,say rs 10,000. In case only 50 percent predictions turned correct..you will gain clean rs 380,000 and might risk rs 380,000.So,you will incur zero net loss !

  • We will return the Send fee in case our correct predictions percentage fall below 50 percent.
  • Registration begins today and ends within a week. Provide us your genuine email id.No mobile consultation.

  • Ok, Send the fee payable to me –

    Prasant Nair

    SBI   mango – dimna chowk branch

    A/c – 31047675072



    909 thoughts on “IPL 8

    1. MI team name is 18 + 20 …. score made is 183 / 8 or 18 3/8 matching with mi… but doubt is / between 3 and 8 … target 184 adds to impure 5 nt favoring punj…/ somtimes indicates defeat…sometimes not…….

      • I noticed a point even before the begining of ipl 6…. finale date is 26… sh player darren sammy’s destiny number is exactly 26 [ as per wiki].. it may mean that sh will reach the final… but…nt sure..it may turn out to be a mere pointless point..!

        final date matrix is in 81 format – supports sh ,next rcb … sh first because it is a sunday..sh is 1. at least one team in 1 series – rr 4,sh 1 or mi 2 has the possibilty of reaching the finals..

    2. sir plz give us today n8 prediction between sh vs kkr???? itz a important game for 4th place…….if u wnt plz tell us…..m waiting ……..

    3. sir last 5 matchs i take wrong decition……today also.itz my badluck……please help me. ur list protected…..itz good.

    4. sir i never can’t it…….i respect u nd ur team. i stay with u nd stil …..also continue…..itz my mistake i dnt pay u….for that extrmly sorry. i want ur help if u wnt.

        • Bro here is our hero pransant sir…so we don’t need ur fool cmnts..pls just keep ur noodle thought on ur mind, dont try to mislead others…coz u may b forget the 2nd line of this site….”You may have much knowledge about numbers ,still you may need the MINE !

    5. Sir g agar kisi k birth chart main koi star enemy ho..
      Just like Mercury enemy ho tu..wo apna name 5 series main rakh ly like 23, or name part 5 series ka ho jaisy 14+23= 37
      Tu kia is enemy star ka bad effect name par ho ga ya nhi…

      • next 4 games free prediction 1st chennai mumbai ,csk will win,,2nd rr vs srh srh will win,,,3rd srh vs mumbai srh will win ,,,,4th srh vs csk and srh will win the cup

        • if u think i am misguiding your vistors just tell now which of the match prediction will go wrong 1 2 3 4 ??????????????? lets see u r prediction vs mine

        • but it is only mine vs mine… when was it yours ? the users copy my list..create fake ids and announce predictions here..from my own list..haha

        • brthr how could say like this on wht basis is it pakka dear,achly i hate bet but i am lovng to watch ipl only bcz 20 20 over so i hv cursty whch wil gona frst my team s csk realy feelng bad if csk wil not win the cup

    6. hey shane chopra bakwas bandh kar……………..sir u trap in a list only for some narrow mind people like shane chopra. m i r8?????


      TUESDAY NO. 9
      WHILE MI ADDS TO 38 ..
      Rohit Sharma
      Born: April 30, 1987 = 32 or 5
      Sir what is your expert opinion..

      Rohit Sharma
      Born: April 30, 1987

    8. Dear sir, agar birth chat main venus debilitated ho
      Is sort main name number 6 use kia ja sakta hAi ..
      Kiun k sir main actor banana chAhta houn aur kehty hain k acting k liye name no. 6 boht acha hai…

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