IPL Merinews

We have been requested from this year by the famous news site Merinews.com to provide our useful tips related with cricket, bollywood upcoming films, celebrities, politics and election. And in this direction, here is the links to few of us correct/popular predictions on matches IPL 2015, enjoy today…

April 2, IPL Prediction Made Beforehand-

IPL 2015: Mumbai Indians have ‘Mauka Mauka’ to win the title, predicts numerology.
IPL cricket prediction, as seen by matrix method, suggests Mumbai Indians (MI) have ‘mauka mauka’ of winning the title this year. It is almost like an insult of astrology/numerology because the results are every time manipulated, match fixing is rampant even in visible form.
Still, the number science is hinting at Rohit Sharma-led Mumbai Indians team chances in IPL finale.

April 9, IPL Chennai Vs Delhi

Number 30 creates its half number 15, and when thurday=3 is added to it, we get the 153 or 63 pattern. CSK team name, numerological value is exactly equal to 63.



April 10, IPL Punjab Vs Rajasthan

Observe the extra ‘9’ in the equation. This is the thing which might deny victory to Punjab [if it shows effect].


April 13, IPL Hyderabad Vs Bangalore

Will Sunrisers Hyderabad Register Their First Win This IPL? Hyderabad team name adds to 55, and it is well known fact that number one series can control 4, 2 and 7. Even Monday is two. SRH are one, can surprise them today.


May 4, IPL Chennai Vs Bangalore / Kolkata Vs Hyderabad

Since the pattern has the feel of 7, and Dhoni and Gambhir share seven, simple things suggest KKR and CSK win chance.

April 11, IPL Hyderabad Vs Punjab

One should not, obviously be over excited, the above equation has a ‘zero’ which is a weakening factor. –
April 13, IPL Bangalore Vs Punjab
The 17 generally shows the effect of 12, so, simplest thing is that the date pattern is 13/12= 43. Punjab team name weightage, as well as captain George Bailey’s birth pattern are exactly 43, their win won’t be a surprise today.
April 25, IPL Prediction turns correct
IPL 2015: Mumbai Indians won the title as predicted by numerology on April 2.

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