Jpassociat Scrip Code Analysis

We have often been acquainting the readers of this vital concept – Number 8 [Letter P] kills number 5. JPASSOCIAT scrip code nse /bse for trading purpose adds to number 32 ….remember this for future.

Jpassociat = 32…..  i.e. adding to 5.

And the name has a ‘P’ in it. Letter P, numerologically, has the value of number 8.

So, the scrip is subject to ‘8 killing 5’ defect.  The ‘P’ of Jpassociat is killing the benefits of the total value 32. Otherwise, number 32 is quite good.

But, when affected by an 8, scrip names adding in number 5 can’t succeed. It is in general interest that the spelling of this scrip code active should be altered before it is too late! The NSE code could easily be modified by the company.


BUT, of course, you CAN trade in jpassociat….  it will give you monetary gains..  Follow these basic hints-

– Number 5 thrives well on 1.  So, dates 1, 10, 19 should give a growth/uptrend to this share [depends on many other things too]

– easy best months when we can expect this share jpassociat to increase in price/growth is again the period of 1…i.e.

July 28 – Aug 20.

– Next best is the period of 5 itself [scrip code name is 5]…  there are two periods –

may 28- june 20………and aug 28- sept 20

One can expect a natural price rise/growth in this share during the above periods.

Wed is 5…….natural helper for jpassociat.  If the date is 4, 22, 31……you can expect good price rise.

If it is a wednesday, but date is 8, 17, 26…….the share will receive setback/decline in prices.


The effects of date hardly follow simple rules of numerology, it always need deeper analysis. You should consult us-




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