PunjLloyd Scrip Code Analysis

We all know the unlucky nature of number 38. This creates suicidal tendencies, low mean life, lack of success, severe monetary losses. ‘PUNJLLYOD’ nse code name adds to same 38.

Wherever this number 38 occurs, it gives failures only. ‘Ram teri ganga maili’ hero Rajiv kapoor’ full name adds to number 38.


11        +    27               = 38

His first film itself was so sexy and controversial that his career should have shooted up towards sky only. But, he never succeeded in a single film till now. The bad effect of 38…..otherwise so many bad actors are earning even today.

Films fail when their titles are in number 38, or else if the release date is affected by 38. There are more than 29 past examples from bollywood. The recent ones are – Heropanti and Jai ho.

Heropanti title added to unlucky 38.  Jai ho was released on date having the effect of 38….

Release date- 24 jan, 2014.       The date and its destiny forming-


14    = 38

Many suicide cases of famous celebrities have this unlucky number 38 in their birth /name numerology- PARVEEN BABI

Parveen Babi

32              6         =  38

SO, Punjlloyd might prove risky for the company owners as well as the small and big investors. DON’T trade in punjlloyd unless the company alters the spelling of its nse code.



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