The ‘Plus’ Concept

Matrix – The ‘Plus’ Concept

What is a matrix and the plus?

Numerology of matrix method is quite easy to grasp, just read the steps carefully and within a few minutes you will be equipped with the most advanced, accurate and scientific method of numerological analysis of any person or events.
How to make a matrix-

Any person/event case is affected by primarily two things – date and destiny of that date. Just keep both of them intact in double digits format. Write the destiny number below the date and we get a square format consisting of 2 rows and 2 columns. This is the matrix.
Suppose, we are studying the case of a person with date of birth in 15 and destiny 13, his matrix would look like-

Matrix analyses 7 rather than 2 numbers-
With the formation of matrix, we get additional dimensions to the two basic numbers. Now, we get vertical, diagonal and total numbers.
Original was date 15 and destiny 13, now there are vertical numbers 11, 53. Diagonal numbers 51 and 13. And finally, total matrix number 15 plus 13 = 28. With these additional dimensions, we get the true picture of the case. This is the most scientific and correct approach with the limited data in hand – date and destiny.


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